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Stop Living Secret Lives

Project Overview

Stop Living Secret Lives is a community-based, participatory research study that explores the experiences of sex workers in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Through the power of visual storytelling, 15 artists share their experiences of sex work via photographs. Stop Living Secret Lives strives to raise awareness and promote understanding about the life experiences of people working in the sex industry.

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  • Kathleen Sitter, Principal Investigator, University of Calgary

  • Janice Kennedy, Executive Director, Bay St. George Status of Women Council

  • Paula Sheppard Thibeau, Executive Director, Corner Brook Status of Women Council
  • Jenny Wright, Community Advisor

  • Heather Jarvis, S.H.O.P. Program Coordinator

  • Amy Burke, Research Assistant, University of Waterloo

  • Ophelia Ravencroft, Research Assistant

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