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Multisensory Modalities

What is the Multisensory Studio?

The Multisensory Studio provides a space to create and share stories with the senses. We focus on blending sensory and arts-based methods in research design and knowledge translation.

The Multisensory Studio strives to provide an accessible environment to support the creation, engagement, and enactment of stories by, for, with, and alongside the disability community.

What does multisensory mean?


The concept of multisensory refers to the many ways we experience the world around us. The term multisensory is commonly used to discuss the following senses: visual (sight), auditory (sound), tactile (touch), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste).

What is multisensory storytelling?

To us, multisensory storytelling involves both the creating and sharing of life-stories that we can look at, listen to, smell and taste, feel and experience.

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