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4D Installation

Fractured Time: Sensory Dimensions of the Pandemic explores place-based experiences of home during the pandemic from the perspective of three neurodivergent artists. The multisensory installation fractures and distills meanings of home into visual, tactile, olfactory, and soundscape realms, paying close attention to how stories are connected yet disparate based on social locations. The artists invite audience members into their lived spaces, and to experience how stories can be shared and understood through heightened sensory engagement. 


As artists, we are interested in how we perceive and share knowledge. We are also attuned to how experiences with disabilities are so deeply felt, and at times it is incredibly challenging to express those experiences through words alone. So individually and collectively, we explore multisensory connections through our own unique experiences of home and art in ways that we hope would allow people to engage in those felt experiences and hopefully bring audiences together in a sensory way.

Fractured Time: Sensory Dimensions of the Pandemic will be at the University of Calgary Library this October. Stay tuned for more information. 

To see Fractured Time in action, click here for an episode of the University of Calgary's research-to-impact series, Now Innovating, featuring Dr. Sitter.

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