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Meet the Team

Drawing of Kathleen Sitter
Kathleen Sitter (She/Her)

Canada Research Chair, Multisensory Storytelling in Research and Knowledge Translation. Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. Director of the Multisensory Studio. 

Kathleen joined the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary in 2017. Kathleen has worked with a variety of adults and youth in the areas of disability, mental health, human rights, and health care. Kathleen’s multisensory activities include over 200 arts-based works, juried screenings, and exhibitions. Examples include creative forms of knowledge translation such as films, participatory videos, cartoon abstracts, photograph exhibits and digital stories.

Drawing of Carly-Ann Haney
Carly-Ann Haney (She/They)

Graduate Research Assistant (MSW, RSW)

Carly-Ann Haney is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. They hold both a Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work from the University of Calgary and have a practice background in sexual health, mental health, community disability, field education, and project coordination. Carly-Ann brings a passion of critical disruption to their work by focusing on topics such as fat studies, fat activism, sexuality, and queering social work.

Drawing of Alison Grittner
Alison L. Grittner (She/Her)

Artist in Residence (BA, MArch, PhD)

Alison L. Grittner holds a PhD in Social Work from the University of Calgary. Previously educated in architecture, fine arts, and history, her transdisciplinary approach involves working alongside structurally vulnerable communities to reimagine, codesign, and reconstruct everyday environments towards equity, empowerment, and dignity. Her award-winning praxis focuses on developing community-based knowledge of socio-spatial inequity and translating that awareness into action and intervention via the built environment. Her longstanding work within the disability community focuses on using participatory methods to understand and communicate across abilities and lived experiences. Underpinning all her work is the belief that multisensory and arts-based ways of knowing are a potent and untapped means of exploring emplaced experiences and generating social justice.

Ana Herrera (She/Her)

Graduate Research Assistant (BTA, CIYT-2)

Ana is a Graduate Research Assistant at the Multisensory Studio, learning about multisensorial research by doing many different things, from Excel sheets to smelly experiments! She comes from Chile, where she worked in Theatre (in its many flavours) for over 15 years. She is also a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher (current level II), so she spends at least a few minutes upside down every day!

Fiona Schick (She/Her)

Graduate Research Assistant (BA, M.Phil, PhD)

Fiona is a Master of Social Work Student, clinical specialization, at the University of Calgary. Before coming to social work, she completed a PhD in philosophy, specializing in the philosophy of perception.

Drawing of Asil El Galad
Asil El Galad (She/Her)


Asil is in her final year of the Medical Sciences program at the University of Western. She is graduating with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Honours) in Physiology from the University of Western. Outside of research and school, Asil works to advocate for disabled youth. She is passionate about using creative methods to work with the disabled community and shed light on their individual stories.

Drawing of Britney Lamb
Britney Lamb (She/Her)


Britney Lamb is a BSc Candidate at the University of Western Ontario where she also sits on the Student Accessibility Advisory Committee. She is a Peer Facilitator on the Youth Digital Storytelling Project. Britney has a passion for the arts, including music and guitar, and enjoys working alongside youth with developmental disabilities while helping them share their talents through artistic means.

Drawing of Kevin Currie
Kevin Currie (He/Him)

Artist and Advisor

Kevin is a visually impaired stage manager who worked in Calgary's community and professional theatre scene for 20 years. He also spent 15 years as a videographer with his own company, One Eyed Productions.

Drawing of Heath Birkholz
Heath Birkholz (He/Him)

Artistic Collaborator

Heath is an artist and activist where his experiences are woven together in community, social justice and complexities of identity. Over the last 15 years, Heath has worked with inclusive, integrated and disability arts communities that include theatre, dance, film and projects where he has served as community liaison, choreographer, and research collaborator.

Drawing of Sarah Empey
Sarah Empey (She/Her)

Accessibility Advisor

Sarah Empey consults on projects in regards to accessible, barrier-free and inclusive design. Sarah is legally blind and currently living in Brisbane Australia.

Drawing of Bruce Howell
Bruce Howell (He/Him)

Community Collaborator

Bruce Howell, Director of Community Outreach Services, has worked with Calgary SCOPE Society for more than 23 years. In 2019, Bruce achieved Meritorious Instructor status and was one of only 480 Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructors to earn this distinction and reach the CPI Hall of Merit. Originally born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, Bruce has had the opportunity to live and work in some incredibly beautiful places like Saskatoon, Banff, and Victoria, but Calgary is the place that truly feels like home.

Drawing of Ashlynn Weisberg
Ashlynn Weisberg (She/Her)


Ashlynn Weisberg is a second-year graduate student in the Master of Arts: Gender and Social Justice Studies program at the University of Alberta. She has a Bachelor of Arts Honours from the University of Saskatchewan in Women's and Gender Studies with a minor in English. Ashlynn is passionate about combining her affective experience as an autistic woman with her academic pursuits, and her focus centres around transformative theory, disability justice, psychoanalysis, affective philosophy, collective care and mutual aid, the self, and the inner child as political agent. For Ashlynn, world-building through a blend of critical thought mixed with softness, tenderness, and love paves the road to collectively dreaming bigger and mobilizing in solidarity. Ashlynn is grateful to join the Multisensory team.

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