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International Talks and Smellwalks

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Earlier this summer our Director, Dr. Kathleen Sitter, was a visiting fellow at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Queensland, Australia! While there, she gave keynote speeches on multisensory research and accessibility for QUT's Centre for Justice HDR Winter School and Disability and Inclusion Symposium (poster below):

(Image Description: A poster for QUT's Disability and Inclusion Symposium: Co-Designing for Access and Inclusion: Bringing together People and Technology through Creative Methods, with info about the event, headshots of each speaker, as well as their titles/current academic positions. Left, Prof. Sitter has long light-brown hair, is wearing a white shirt, and is smiling. In the middle, Prof. Janice Rieger has shoulder length blonde hair. She is wearing a black shirt and smiling. Right, Prof. Laurianne Sitbon has shoulder length wavy brown hair. She is smiling and wearing a blue shirt and black scarf.)

After her time in Australia, Dr. Sitter visited England, where she did a smellwalk of London with multisensory researcher, designer, and artist, Dr. Kate Mclean. See below for some pictures from the smellwalk!

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