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Interviews and Media Coverage 

Xavier, B. (August 2, 2023). QUT Centre for Justice and QUT Centre for Robotics Disability and Inclusion Symposium – QUT Centre for Justice 


Xavier, B. (July 31, 2023). QUT Centre for Justice HDDR Winter School.


Askin, D., & Campbell, J. (April 18, 2023). Inclusion and Sensory Research. [podcast interview]. You can’t spell Inclusion without a D. Ontario Disability Employment Network.


McGregor, J. (May, 2023). Now Innovating with Dr. Kathleen Sitter and Multisensory Storytelling. Now Innovating. UCalgary. (Podcast and Video Interview). 


Varadi, Z. (November 14, 2022). Digital stories celebrate disability pride. Online and in-person events premiere short films created by participants in Multisensory Studio. UToday. 


Office of the Vice-President (Research). (Sept. 28, 2022). Innovative research into inclusivity for disabled communities is 1 of 14 projects to receive federal funding. UToday. (Interviewed). 


Witzel, K. (May 7, 2022). Community-engaged research project exploring inclusive music-making receives federal grant. UToday. (Interviewed). 


Advancement Staff (February 3, 2022). UCalgary students, faculty and staff honoured as changemakers: 2022 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award winners Announced. UToday. 


Fernandez, P. (October 27, 2021). This Hour has 22 minutes star, research participants, round out cast of moving breast cancer film: Digital stories originally adapted as play, now the source material of The Cut of It. 


The Cut of It (October 25, 2021). UCalgary Social Work. Spotify. (Podcast).


Al-Hashmy, R. (May 26, 2021). Knowledge engagement team develops toolkit for researchers to measure impact. UToday. 


Novakowski, E. (March 24, 2021). Ways of knowing: Multisensory storytelling. The gauntlet.


Faculty of Social Work (December 17, 2020). Research you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. University of Calgary.


Mercer, J. (November 2, 2019). Not just pink ribbons: Research-based play documents breast cancer experiences. The Telegram. (Interview).


Green, J. (November 1, 2019). ‘Powerful narrative: Play inspired by stories unearthed in provincial breast cancer research. Memorial Gazette. (Interview).

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